A downloadable game

Can you handle death defying speeds while opponents get decimated by mines popping out of the ground? Try our demo and find out!


The game features:

  • 12 racetracks one way and in reverse. (that's still only 12 but it feels like 24)
  • 4 beautifully created 3D worlds, so you can escape this reality!
  • Customize your vehicle, change parts and colors, so you can make it as ugly or beautiful as you want!
  • Single player versus an AI that will use every trap available to prevent you from winning.
  • Up to 4 player Split-Screen Multiplayer, for when those friends come over with a keg of beer!
  • Online Multiplayer for when your friends are at another friends place with that keg of beer!

Made by Cybernetic Walrus, a team of four senior students of Digital Arts and Entertainment at Howest in Kortrijk Belgium.

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